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Our Exclusive Tour of BBC Blue Room: Virtual Reality, 360 Capture and the Future of Cinema

Film Focus’ Emily Cook meets up with Lindsey Suter leading industry consumer technologist for an exclusive filmed tour of the BBC’s flagship tech lab, known as the ‘Blue Room’. Embracing our inner geeks, we delve into the submersive world of virtual reality, explore 360 capture and talk about robots, gadgets, the future of broadcast and cinema and discover the next generation of technology before it hits the high street and our homes.

Lindsey also divulges her top advice for anyone wanting to break into the industry and perhaps most importantly we discuss whether, in this world of connected technology, there’s still a place for the cinema experience.

Come and join us in the London based Blue Room, which normally isn’t accessible to the general public, by clicking play on the video clip below.

Watch Tour Video Clip

Listen to Tour Clip

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This post was created by Emily Cook

Photo Credit : Marianne McCourt