Film Focus on: The Dogme 95 Film Movement with Ash Singh & Emily Cook

In this exclusive video Emily‘s joined by Film Focus‘ Resident Cultural Commentator Ash Singh to talk about the controversial avant-garde film movement, Dogme, where the director doesn’t get credited and sexual acts are depicted for real. In this filmed segment, Ash speaks about this exciting and often misused Danish school of filmmaking.

*Warning- trailers contain nudity and sexual references.*

Ash Singh
Ash Singh is a social and cultural commentator and broadcaster who has written for the Guardian,  Spectator, Scotsmen and appears regularly on national and international television. He has a book coming out later this year.

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Dogma 95 Emily Cookand Ash Singh Film Focus

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The Power of Home Page Video Embedding

Is there anything more annoying than video content that starts playing as soon as you arrive on a home page? Especially when you can’t find which tab the video is coming from!

On the other hand there is something ever so powerful about embedded video content that leaves the impetus of clicking play with the viewer.

By way of example:-
Over a year ago Reel Vision produced two videos for the Courthouse Bar and Restaurant / Nightclub in order to show the venue as both a day space and a night space.

courthouse image

The viewer is presented with the content and a play button. It is their choice to click it. As humans we like having the feeling of choice.  With video content, we are far more likely to watch the film to the end if we have owned our viewing by deciding to click play.

The Courthouse’s London based web designers worked with us at the development stage and we spoke about how the video content would work with the rest of the site.

The aesthetic placement and the way the video works with the rest of the site seamlessly is a key bonus. The web designers considered the video’s placement as part of the over all site construction and layout. So many times one sees video embedding as an after thought.

Expandable information:- The amount of information available to the website’s visitor is also greatly increased by placing a video within the home page. Once they click play, the content opens up like a Russian doll, meaning they can access huge amounts of information without having to navigate away from the home page.

The Courthouse’s use of Video Marketing and home page embedding is some of the most effective we have been lucky enough to have our videos part of.

This blog is being written now as The Courthouse is  about to re brand as ‘Buddy Rocks Bar and Diner’ – we wish the management every ounce of luck with their new venture.
The Courthouse ‘Late Bar and Club’ Video
The Courthouse Bar and Restaurant Video

rv grab