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Film Focus: BBC Proms Multi-Camera Director Peter Maniura speaks with Emily Cook

Film Focus’ Emily Cook speaks with highly accomplished multi-camera director and live events producer Peter Maniura. They met up at the BBC in London to talk about the art of directing multi-cameras for live TV, the media landscape of today and Peter’s top tips for anyone wanting to break into the industry.

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Emily Cook and Peter Maniura

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This blog was written by Emily Cook

Film Focus: Episode 8- Dogme 95, Ab Fab & Special Guest, BBC Proms Multi-Camera Director Peter Maniura

In this episode Emily and Sarah review new release, ‘Absolutely Fabulous’  the latest from BBC Films. Emily catches up with a special guest, highly accomplished Multi Camera Director, Peter Maniura. Having Directed the BBC Proms and with over 30 years industry experience, he speaks to us about the craft of directing live TV, revealing some industry secrets and divulging his top tips for anyone wanting to break into the industry.BBC_Proms_2015_Panorama_inside_(1)We’re also joined by our Resident Cultural Commentator Ash who discuses the importance of the controversial, raw and often shocking films of the Dogme Movement. Finally, we let you know of any film-making opportunities and events on the horizon, the latest from the Isle of Man Film Festival.

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