Film Focus: STRANGER THINGS’ Props Master Lynda Reiss speaks with Emily Cook

Film Focus’ Emily Cook speaks with Special Guest Hollywood Props Master Lynda Reiss about her most recent work on Netflix sensation STRANGER THINGS. They discuss the show, what a props master actually does and Lynda reveals some behind the scenes secrets from the set of the series. Lynda has also worked such iconic productions as American Beauty, True Detective and Cruel Intentions.

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This blog was written by Emily Cook

Film Focus on: Tickled (2016)

Emily and Sarah review recent release Tickled. When New Zealand Journalist David Farrier starts researching an innocent story into the intriguing and silly world of competitive endurance tickling, he comes up against some fierce resistance and the story quickly becomes something quite sinister in this gripping and chilling documentary. The film was supported by Stephen Fry who donated to the Kick Starter campaign which funded the film’s production. Here’s what we made of it…


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Emily Cook
This blog was written by Emily