Film Focus: Episode 10- The 80’s Edition with Special Guest, Stranger Things’ Lynda Reiss

In this episode Emily and Sarah review recent releases Tickled, a bizarre and chilling documentary into the sinister world of competitive tickling, and Swiss Army Man including an interview clip with Daniel Radcliffe, the film’s star. Emily catches up with special guest, Hollywood Props Master Lynda Reiss to talk about her most recent work on Netflix sensation STRANGER THINGS . We’ll find out the latest on Sarah’s challenge to watch over 500 feature films in a year and, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be getting all warm and fuzzy as we reveal Our Top 5 80’s Nostalgia Films.


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Emily Cook
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Film Focus on: The Dogme 95 Film Movement with Ash Singh & Emily Cook

In this exclusive video Emily‘s joined by Film Focus‘ Resident Cultural Commentator Ash Singh to talk about the controversial avant-garde film movement, Dogme, where the director doesn’t get credited and sexual acts are depicted for real. In this filmed segment, Ash speaks about this exciting and often misused Danish school of filmmaking.

*Warning- trailers contain nudity and sexual references.*

Ash Singh
Ash Singh is a social and cultural commentator and broadcaster who has written for the Guardian,  Spectator, Scotsmen and appears regularly on national and international television. He has a book coming out later this year.

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Dogma 95 Emily Cookand Ash Singh Film Focus

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Film Focus’  Emily Cook and Ash Singh