Film Focus with: Special Guest Director Jim Gillespie


Jim Gillespie

Jim Gillespie at the Isle of Man Film Festival 2015. Photo by Steve Babb

Film Director Jim Gillespie, most well known for his 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer, speaks to Film Focus’ Emily Cook about his latest feature, Take Down, what it’s like shooting in the Isle of Man, the rise of the teenager in Rebel Without a Cause and what it is that makes the Isle of Man Film Festival so special.

TAKE DOWN focuses on the reckless sons and daughters of international billionaires, who have been sent by their frustrated parents to an exclusive, tough-love boot camp on a remote island, where they will be taught basic survival skills in the hope it will teach them to take responsibility for their lives. When they are taken hostage and held for a billion dollar ransom by a group of sophisticated kidnappers, the young captives suddenly need every ounce of their brief training to survive.

The film stars a bevy of gorgeous talented young cast including Ed Westwick, Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Ashley Walters and Dominic Sherwood.

This Interview was recorded in the Broadway Cinema at the Isle of Man Film Festival

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Take Down narrow

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This blog was written by Emily Cook – Founder of Film Focus

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