Chris Jones helped realign our creative outlook

BY EMILY COOK -Director of Reel Vision (

“The creative community on the Isle of Man has a fiercely pounding heart that beats at its bravest at the Isle of Man Film Festival.” Chris Jones 2013

Reel Vision's Emily Cook with Chris Jones

During the 2013 Isle of Man Film Festival I took part in the Guerilla Film Makers Master Class lead by Chris Jones. We were so fortunate to have Chris not only come over to the Island but as the event was supported by PokerStars, it was more accessible to the public than ever.  Chris’ master class regularly sells out in the UK and is popular amongst both experienced film makers and those who are newer to the craft.

Within the first hour of the two day workshop, Chris encouraged everyone to basically hold a mirror up to ourselves, challenging everyone within the class to look at their individual motives for getting involved within the Film Industry. In many ways this process acted as a personal deconstruction of every individual within the room, which over the next two days, meant that Chris could refocus us all from our foundations. Nothing was on a superficial level. Chris went deep.

As we all applauded Chris at the conclusion of the workshop, I felt not only refreshed, but creatively refocussed. It was as if Chris had realigned my creative spine. Providing a new strength, drive and vision.

' The masterclass is an amazing opportunity for any film maker'

Click here to see Workshop Coordinator Rosie Grahame and myself (Fringe Festival Coordinator) speaking to the press about Chris Jones’ workshop in the days leading up to it.

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